Create and perform all you business checks with our online checklist system

Your checklists online

Using our simple online checklist system couldn't be easier :

Log in to your administration area

  1. Give your checklist a name - let's use an example called "Vehicle checks"
  2. Add things to be checked - e.g. vehicle registration numbers
    (for other types of checklist this might be a location like Warehouse, Office and so on.)
  3. Add check statements - e.g.
  4. Enter notification email addresses
    The email addresses of the people who need to be informed if a checklist needs action,
    for example the person in charge of vehicle maintenance.

Your checklist is ready to be used as often as you wish.

  • Give the checklist URL to the person doing the check, (this is shown on your admin page).
  • Your checker can do the check and the results are saved there and then.

If your check flags up an issue, the people who need to know are emailed - instantly.

mobile friendly online checklists

Simple online lost property and inventory system for businesses large or small.

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